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Available Policies


Pricing Policy

Current Pricing - Flint Hills Resources offers prices in 24-hour increments. Customers may sign limited volume blocks of volume; we will not support retroactive pricing.  Our price quote is good for the current day; customers may decide to sign some amount of volume at that price, but once the price moves, the ability to sign at a previous price is no longer available.

Agency Quotes
Agency quotes will be good for three days past the letting date.  Work may be contracted during that time for jobs in which you were read low.  Customers may be let out of signed contracts if documentation is provided that the job was not awarded.  Flint Hills Resources is aware that there are certain jobs in which customers may be sub to a prime contractor and that there may be a delay in knowing the outcome of bid. 

Agency VolumesFlint Hills Resources understands that jobs are bid without doing the mix designs and that there is inherent risk that the jobs may under or over run. Our policy does not allow us to support over runs.  Once a contract is written, Flint Hills Resources is accountable only for the stated volumes.  If the project over runs, this should trigger a discussion between you and the agency about possible increased costs associated with the over run.

Volume and Grade
Flint Hills Resources will honor our contracts, subject to our standard terms of sale, regarding volume, grade and price.  We expect the same of our customers; those who do not will be held accountable.  Flint Hills Resources will attempt to “grade balance” between certain grades, but will be responsible only for the contract's grades, volumes and prices.

Standard Terms of Sale

Standard Terms of Sale – All Sales Agreements are governed under the Standard Terms of Sale.  The document is available to download here: Standard Terms of Sale legal document.

Credit Policy

Flint Hills Resources' credit policy allows for 30-day terms. In addition, Flint Hills Resources offers a .5% discount for 10-day payment terms with enrollment in direct debit.  Information on this program may be obtained by calling Jared Schroeder at 316.828.5728.